3 Things To Do AFTER Your LIVE VIDEO


Is your LIVE VIDEO getting the attention it deserves?

If live video is so hot right now, why does it feel like no one is watching?

I’ve got a hunch. (Okay, it’s more than a hunch.  I’m watching dozens of business pages like you that go Live. And they all have this in common).

They press record.  They go Live. You hit stop. And they’re done.  The End.

But that can’t be it!  If you want your Live Videos to start creating momentum, you gotta put in a little work after the post.  


Here’s 3 quick + easy tips to UP your Live Video game and get you ready for reaching more people:


1.  Edit your Video.

Edit the Title

You have to title your video.  So title it appropriately. Just using a date doesn't make sense. 

To edit your video:

  • Click on the three little dots in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Click "Edit Post."

  • Where it says "Video Title" - type in the title!

jackie ellis facebook live video edit post

When someone clicks on "Videos" on your Facebook Page, they'll see a list of all your videos together.  AND they'll see your video titles like this:

jackie ellis facebook video titles

Of course, it will list ALL of your videos together.  Pop over to your Facebook Page to take a look for yourself.  And if you see any videos where your face is contorted, your eyes are closed or you look constipated, you'll definitely want to make the next edit...


Edit the Still Image

Who wants to be caught in one of those awkward, goofy-ass video frames? Ummm...not me.  No way!

In the example below you'll see where you can edit the still image that is generated by Facebook directly from your video.  Depending on the length of your video, you may get more images to choose from.  Can't find a good one? No problem-o!  You can upload a custom image instead.  Just make it pretty. 

(Yeah, I was too lazy to upload a custom image for the example below. So you get my goofy-ass smile instead.)

jackie ellis facebook live edit still image

Add Captions

Video is being consumed everywhere.  And Facebook says that over 85% of video viewers are watching with no sound.  

Adding captions to your videos will keep your viewers engaged longer, especially if they are in a place where it’s inconvenient to listen to video (think: work cubicle? PTA meeting? Public restroom?).  Statistics show that videos with captions will keep a viewer’s interest up to 20% longer than videos with no captions.  To me, that’s worth it!  


There are two basic ways to add subtitles.  One will save you time.  The other will save you money.


You can use a service like Rev.com and pay to have a captions created for your video.  You simply upload or send a link of your video to your account.  For $1 per minute, Rev.com will transcribe your video aligning the text to your screen times with 99% accuracy.  For a 10 minute Facebook Live, it would cost ya just 10 bucks.  For longer videos, obviously it will cost more.  You can see if it’s worth it when we compare the DIY version.



Facebook will help you auto-generate your captions...for free!  If you’re looking to save money and have a little extra time on your hands (or a VA), this is a great option.

  • You simply go to your live video once it’s posted.

  • Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Then click “Edit Post."

  • You’ll see the tab titled “Captions.” Click on that.

  • It will ask you if you want to upload an srt file or have Facebook Auto Generate them.

  • Choose “Generate.”

jackie ellis facebook live video add captions
jackie ellis facebook live video generate captions

This is what will take the most time.

You’ll go through your video, line by line, listening to your video and correcting the words and punctuation that Facebook auto-generated.  Don’t skip this part.  If you don't wanna look like a friggin' idiot, you'll want to make sure your captions are correct.  Facebook is known to make a lot of errors here. 

For my 15 minute Live Videos, it usually takes me about 30-45 minutes to update all the captions.  

2.  Add text above the video.

There’s two things that people see when your Live Video rolls into their feed.  The first thing is your video, duh!  (You didn’t skip step #1, did you?  Changing that super unflattering still image is a must-do!)

If your video quickly caught their eye, the second thing they’ll see is the text above it.

Your viewer is looking for more information, or a description, of your video to know whether it’s worth their time watching or not.

So give it to ‘em.  Tell them what they can expect to learn or hear about.

jackie ellis facebook live video edit text

Just share a general overview of what your video is about, plain and simple.

  • Teaching a workshop? Give more insight about your topic and what you’re talking about in the video.

  • Interviewing a colleague? Include a short bio of your interviewee.

If you want to get creative, you could start with a question related to your topic.  


  • Feel like you just can’t get over that cough? Today we’re talking about the perfect immune system boosting smoothie and the two ingredients you must include…

  • Dog got your shoe....again?? Today I’ve got dog training expert Patty McDoodle with me to talk about why our dogs can’t resist a tasty pair of pumps and how to fix that…

Get the idea?  It’s almost like we’re “qualifying” our viewers with a question.  “Can you relate to this?”  And then following up with how we’re addressing that in the video.  Make sense?


3.  Include a link and a CTA

No Live Video is complete without a Call to Action (or CTA).  If you look back at Mary Hyatt’s Facebook Live posts, you’ll see that in her text she included social media handles.  She didn’t specifically SAY to visit her there, but made it very obvious and easy for someone to do so.

Another option would be to include a link where the viewer can find more information about the topic.  

Examples of links you can give them:

  • A freebie you’ve created

  • Another related video

  • A blog post you wrote

  • A coupon you’re offering

The list goes on.

Keep in mind - many people won’t watch the whole video, but MAY choose to follow the link that you provide.  So give them the chance to do that!  

Ta-da! Your video post should be looking much better! It’s more obvious to viewers what it’s about.  They can watch it easily with the sound off. And they know where they can get more information related to the topic if they want to dig deeper. BAM!


Hope you found this article helpful.  

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.


To more clicks, clients + impact,





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