What the Experts Aren’t Teaching About Facebook Ads

What’s the most IMPORTANT thing FB experts don’t teach, but you absolutely NEED?

Let's get real here for a minute.

There's a lot of Facebook experts out there. And they're all teaching the latest tips and tricks to make money on social media. And sure, some of them work. (PS. some of them are crap)

But there's one big freakin' thing that I don't see anyone teaching.

I mean, to me, it's the #1 thing you need.

Maybe it isn't "hot" or "cool" or "sexy" to teach.

Maybe it's too hard to teach (I'm about to blow that theory out of the water BTW).

Do you know what I am getting at??

It's called STRATEGY, my friend.

All the FB experts I see can give tips and tricks inside Ads Manager until they're blue in the face. But what happens in Ads Manager is actually just a tiny piece of the puzzle.

But building an online business is SO much more than just Facebook Ads. (I know...what kind of FB strategist says that, anyway??)

It's about the journey you take people on. The value they get. The relationship they develop with you and your brand. The experience and transformation they get from working with you. You can't deliver any of that without a strategy.

Let me tell you a little story about my early experience with FB Ads...

When I was first starting out, throwing random ads into the universe to see what would stick, I started to figure something out. One in ten times, I'd launch an ad and it would work. And I'd ask myself... what about it worked? And then... how can I get more people to see it? And then... what is the next step I want them to take?

I was figuring it all out backwards. And it was a big mess.

But it helped me realize the steps I needed to take to do it right the next time. And that was the start of my obsession with figuring out a good, solid strategy for every ad I ran.

And now I create that strategy from the get-go.

  • No more random ads. Every step along the way has purpose.

  • No more wasted money. Every dollar has purpose.

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