3 Reasons You Need a Facebook Ad Strategy

Have you given any thought to your business goals lately?

Maybe your goal is to replace your income from your day job, but actually work less so you can spend more time with your kids. Or maybe you want the flexibility to travel and work from anywhere. Or maybe you have your sights set on financial freedom and abundance, or to live in luxury.

Your goal is your goal. It's special and unique to you.

Whatever it is that your heart desires, there's one thing that you need in order to make them happen...


Want to make money? Work less and earn more? Travel? Live in luxury? (remember those amazing goals you have?)

Well, my friend, you need people to sell to.

And Facebook Ads are the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to find them.

Here are three reasons why:

1. You can grow your audience for pennies.

Probably the most common ad type you hear people running is a conversion ad. It's effective in getting people to opt-in for your freebie, register for your webinar, or even make a purchase. But you'll pay the price. Especially if you're running those ads to cold traffic (an audience who has never heard of you).

Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on conversions right out of the gate, you can start warming up audiences by exposing them to your brand and your message by using different objectives. For example, you could push your Facebook Live to a broader audience by using the Video Views objective. Or take an Instagram post that is really killing it and put it in front of your ideal customers to provide social proof, build engagement and up your "cool factor." You could even create an ad to invite people to check out content you've created that they might enjoy with a Traffic objective. Either way, you're growing an audience and getting more eyeballs on your brand for pennies per video view, engagement or click. And these are all audiences you can keep in your back pocket for later!

2. FB gives you complete control over your customer journey.

Like you, my clients ultimately want more sales. They don't want to just spend money to spend money. They want to spend money to get back more in return.

Each client does it a little differently. Some use live webinar launches. Other sell straight to their email list. And then some are using a video series.

But what they all have in common is a timeline for moving their audience through the sales journey (or funnel). Using Facebook's powerful targeting tools and my 3-Step Ad Stacking Method you learned in the Free Training, you can create a customer journey that moves along specific steps and even on specific days!

For example - After someone watches your Facebook Live, you can show them another video 3 days later. And if they watch 25% of that, deliver them a freebie opt-in ad the next day. Maybe they'll get a series of emails after they opt-in and on the 5th day you want to pitch them a low cost offer. So you deliver them an ad with that offer on the 5th day. The options are really endless!

What about evergreen, you ask? Yeah, it's a beautiful thing. You can set up a series of ads just like the example to run on autopilot!

3. Once you have a strategy, you can just tweak it.

This is the best reason (but hardest to convince people of). I literally spent years trying to learn Facebook Ads on my own. I was one of those people who just threw every strategy at the wall, hoping that something would stick. While it took me longer this way, in the end I figured a hell of a lot of things out. The #1 lesson I learned? You gotta have a strategy, baby.

The reason I love Facebook Ads so much for growing an audience is because once you get the pieces in place, it literally takes 5-10 minutes per week to check-in and optimize. It used to feel like a bazillion different ideas all smushed together into a jumbled mess of ads. (Does that give you a good visual of how it used to feel to me??) But now that I've learned how to plan a strategy for my ads, I can see where the holes are and tailor my ads or scale them if they're kicking butt. And you can, too!

See, the thing is, not many Facebook courses out there are teaching Strategy. Mostly they're teaching the ins-and-outs of Ads Manager, which leaves you feeling like you've still got to go back and figure out a crap ton about ads before you can even get started.

Wanna know why?  Because in truth, it’s tricky!  I mean, no two businesses are the same. And what works for ecommerce might not work for an online coach. It’s a lot of work to figure out a solid strategy for any business, especially ones that are just starting out.  

But getting clear on your goals, what you want your audience to experience and how you want to deliver it to them is the key to success in the long run. It’ll pay off BIG TIME in the long run.  And if winning in the long run isn’t your goal, it should be.

You can actually get started with some simple strategy steps now.  

Yeah, like TODAY… when you download my Free Simple Strategy Workbook.

 It’s the secret sauce behind my 3-Stack Formula to running profitable FB Ads.  

And you can grab your copy free here.

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