Get more BANG out of New Year's Resolution Social Media Traffic

Tips & strategies to take advantage of the new year fitness frenzy all year long

Ahhh, January.  The most wonderful time of the year - if you’re a Fit Pro. Or if you’re in any business related to organizing, health and wellness or weight-loss.  You know - resolution-type stuff.  

Lucky for you, your ideal clients are flocking to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google in search of inspiration and solution to helping them reach their new year’s resolutions.  

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just snag up all these people in the peak of their resolution excitement, corral them into a little group, and keep them there until you’re ready to shower them with all the knowledge, content and goodness you have to offer?

Great can do exactly that!

And all you need are two things:

A website + a Facebook Page

That’s right.  A website and a Facebook Page are all you need to ride the wave of new year’s resolution traffic.  And the best part? You won’t even have to do the hard work.  People will be looking for YOU instead of you looking for them.  Oh, January. I love you so.

The bad news is that unless you take the necessary steps to capture all this lovely traffic, you’re missing out on some solid freaking gold.  


There’s three ways you can capture the booming traffic in January.  

(And I suggest you do all three.)

  1. Create custom audiences in Facebook

  2. Grow your custom audiences

  3. Make them an irresistible offer



Tip: But before we do either of these things, make sure you have placed your Facebook Pixel. Go here to see Facebook’s tutorial on creating and placing the Facebook Pixel on your website.

How you add it to your site depends on what kind of site you have.  I recommend visiting the support center for your website platform to see how to place the Pixel.  Or go here for more information.

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#1:  Creating custom audiences.

Since Facebook knows everything about everyone (let’s try not to think about how freaky that is), they are able to store data about people who engage with your content via Facebook or anywhere you place your Facebook Pixel, like your website or LeadPages.

Remember how earlier I mentioned that you could “corral” these people into a group and keep them to shower with content later? When you place the Pixel on your website, Facebook starts “tags” and groups the people who visit your site. It’s kinda like putting a gps tracker on them. Cool, huh?

And with that information, you can create your “corral” or Custom Audience.

Custom Audience is a freakin’ awesome tool that you MUST us.  Just think of what you could do by capturing all people visiting your site or engage with your Facebook content.  They don’t even have to opt-in for a freebie or fill out a form in order for you to add them to your custom audience.



And luckily Facebook makes it so easy!

Let’s be clear here.  In your Custom Audience you won’t get an actual list of names and emails.  You’ll just get a number.  The number represents how many people on Facebook fell within your Custom Audience parameters (for example, visited your website).

Sounds like a huge bummer, I know.  But don’t worry. There are HUGE advantages to creating these lists. And later on in this post I’ll show you how to get those names and emails, too.

To get started…


There are 3 types of custom audiences you should create:

  1. Your website visitors

  2. Your video viewers

  3. Your Facebook Page engagement


>> Insert screenshot of custom audience screen with choices<<

PRO TIP: You can save most Custom Audiences for up to 180 days (some up to 365). And it will continually + automatically update based on the number of days you set.  For this post today, I recommend you set it to the max # of days it will allow and move on.

Want to see exactly how it’s done?

Click below to access the Tech Vault, where you’ll find step-by-step video tutorials for creating the custom audiences in this article.

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So now you’ve got 3 solid audiences that you can use for Facebook Ad targeting for the next 180-365 days.

But what happens after that?


#2:  Growing your custom audiences.

Now that you’ve started to corral groups of people who have visited your website, watched your videos or engaged with your Facebook page, we want those audiences to GROW.


You’ll do this by driving TRAFFIC to those 3 places.

You can drive traffic to them organically (free) or with Facebook Ads (paid).  It’s up to you.

Here’s are a few easy ways you can start:

  1. Post a snippet of your latest blog article on your Facebook page and add a link to your site.

  2. Add an image of your latest video to your newsletter and link it to your Facebook Page.

  3. Add the Facebook logo to the footer of your emails.

  4. Encourage people to like your Facebook Page or posts within emails (but never use this as a call to action within a post).

  5. Boost your Facebook Live for a couple bucks.

  6. Always include a link to your website (where? Everywhere! - posts, emails, landing pages, etc)


Give people the easiest way (a click) to engage with your content! And keep putting MORE CONTENT out there!

Great! Now you’re growing your audiences. But unfortunately, you’re still just “renting” these lists from Facebook.  



Now it’s time to collect some names + emails and GROW YOUR LIST.


#3:  Make them an irresistible offer.

Like I said, Facebook is so nice to offer these audiences to us to be able to retarget with ads, but we’re just renting these lists.  We don’t know that much about the people on them. They’re just a number.  We can’t see them. We can’t have them. 

But actually, YOU CAN!

All you need to do is get these peeps on your email list so that you have them forever. :)  

The best way to do that is to make them an irresistible offer.  You could offer a coupon, a free trial, a download. Whatever you want.  Something they can’t say no to (that’s the key). Keep it simple.


For this part, I do recommend running a Facebook Ad.

(Stop freaking out...this is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!!)



You don’t have to worry about your ad targeting at all!  You’re only going to target your 3 custom audiences (cue fireworks)!


How it works:

  • Create you irresistible offer.

  • Make it easy for them to get (download).

  • Run a Facebook ad to your offer.

  • Your targets will be your 3 custom audiences:

    • Website visitors

    • Video viewers

    • Facebook page engagement

  • Add each person to your email list when they opt-in (this can be automated).  


Boom!  You just scored names + emails.  



And since they’re now on your list, you can continue to service them with content and education. FOR.EV.ER.

Once you get them on your email list, be prepared to sell them something soon.  They’re as ready as prospect can get.  They’ve already taken 2 steps toward you: engaging with your content (website, video or FB page) AND they’ve opted-in to your irresistible offer.  These people are begging for what you have to offer.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Did you catch the part about the targeting?  That’s the best part.  No guessing with your targeting!  You already have audiences that are familiar with you and your brand because they’ve visited your website, watched your videos or been on your Facebook Page.



Don’t stop here. Keep creating custom audiences every time you post a video or Facebook Live and you’ll keep growing your audiences of more people you can use for your ad targeting.


Now go ride that New Year’s Resolution wave!



To more clicks, clients + IMPACT,




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