If the thought of creating a Facebook Ad makes you cringe, this PLUG & PLAY SYSTEM is for you.

Because let's be honest - it's complicated. And time consuming. 

But attracting new members and clients on autopilot? That sounds pretty damn good, right?

Well, guess what.  Creating Facebook Ads doesn't have to suck. And you don't have to be a super-techy geek to do it.

And once you know how to set up a super simple ad that speaks to your audience, you'll be rolling in new clients (and more revenue) while you sleep and changing more lives every single day.


When you have the right Facebook Ads for your business, you:

  • Attract more clients on autopilot

  • Naturally attract clients who resonate with your brand

  • Sell more of the services you already have

  • Create brand awareness

  • Save time & money with consistent marketing


As the fitness director at my club, I used to hustle HARD for every single sale.  Calling members, sending emails and posting flyers to people already inside our doors.  It was a lot of work without a big return.  Turns out I was missing the mark.  I knew there were thousands of people out there that could be interested in our services. How would I reach them? 

Once I cracked the code on creating simple Facebook Ads, I was able to set up a simple system that brings in new clients every single day - completely automated - without me promoting and hustling all the time.


You can create a Facebook Ad & follow up sequence in one day.  But without a system in place, it would literally take you all day.

That's exactly why you need a system.  

The perfect Facebook Ad System would include just a few things:

  • Images or videos that accurately portray your brand
  • Characteristics of your ideal client
  • The right marketing messages to attract your ideal client
  • & a simple method for nurturing your new clients

Could you imagine the impact this system would have on your business?  

People will think you're crazy when they see you high-fiving yourself and yelling, "hell yeah!" every single time a new lead pops into your inbox with a new sale you made on autopilot.

Case Study

My results: $670 Ad Spend and $28,000 in sales in one week...

Want to know how I got $28,000 off of one ad campaign? 

I won't lie. These dollars didn't come directly from one ad.  But ONE AD did produce an audience of customers for me to target. Confused? 

Let me break it down for you.  

I'm going to share with you two super basic ways to run Facebook Ads. They each have their time and place and can be used separately or together. 

1. Facebook Ad ----> Offer

This means when someone clicks on your Facebook Ad, it takes them directly to your offer. 

2.  Facebook Ad ---> Content --->  Retargeting Ad

In this example, when someone clicks on your Facebook Ad, it takes them to a piece of content that delivers value to them.  And then another ad is delivered directly to those people who viewed that content. 

In my $28,000 campaign, I used a combination of both of these two.  


After I learned the simple Facebook Ads and created systems, I was able to dip into more complicated ad campaigns using the Facebook Pixel and retargeting.  

What is retargeting?

Retargeting, my friend, is a little bit of magic.  


Why do I need one?

Seriously, you need a SYSTEM for bringing in new clients every single day.

You can't just start a fitness bootcamp, offer small group training or create a weight loss challenge and wait for the sales to trickle in. 

People need to be exposed to your brand. Repeatedly.  Again. And again.



Why do so many businesses SUCK at creating Facebook Ads?

Good question. 

I can't tell you how many people come to me saying, "I've setup my Facebook Ad, but nobody is buying, what did I do wrong?"

When I look at their ads, I can tell you exactly why most of them don't work. And it's something they all have in common.

I call it "One-And-Done Syndrome."  Meaning they start one ad, it doesn't generate huge results, so they quit.  

Why does this happen?  Well, it takes a lot of work to set up your first Facebook Ads. (Don't worry; it gets faster and easier with practice.)  But when businesses first start running ads, they put so much effort into that first ad.  All that work must mean it will perform well, riiiiight? And if it doesn't, then that means more work and more time to spend changing the image, the text or (heaven forbid)...the targeting!  And they're just not willing to do the work. Mostly because they don't know what to do to save time and $$.

(Enter the Plug & Play Facebook Ad System)


Who is the plug & play facebook ad system for?

Any fitness professional who wants to consistently attract new clients on autopilot.  Boom. That's it. 



In the Plug & Play Facebook Ad System, you'll receive:

  • 3 complete Facebook Ad templates including everything you need to run an ad for...
    • A Free Birthday offer
    • A New to the neighborhood offer
    • A Getting ready for the wedding offer
  • Landing page templates I've created in Lead Pages specifically for these offers
  • A customizable followup email sequence your prospect will receive when they sign up for your offer

Because every successful Facebook Ad starts with an attention getting image (or video), I'm providing you with two options for each ad.  It must be eye catching, beautifully designed, and provide enough valuable information to convince Facebook users to click through to your landing page.  If you miss any of these essential parts of a ad image, you're giving up MAJOR traffic and sales potential.  

All of my ad image templates are FULLY customizable with Canva (free!).

You can edit:

  • Font
  • Text
  • Color
  • Photos
  • Design Elements
  • Layout
  • Branding

Use these templates over and over again, saving hours of design work and frustration.  And never have to start your ad from scratch again!  Once you've tweaked the templates to create your signature style, it will take you only MINUTES to duplicate it again!

Most importantly, you're getting 3 fully editable facebook ad templates, letting you set up your powerful traffic and sale-driving ads in no time.


What you'll need:

  • You'll need a Facebook business page + an ad account.
  • You'll need an app to create images (such as Canva - free!) and/or video editing software (like Adobe Spark - also free!)
  • And finally, if you're serious about Facebook Ads, you'll want to invest in a landing page software, such as Leadpages (that's what I use!) and an email software with automation, such as Convertkit.