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I'm Jackie.  

Pinterest junkie. Coffee fueled mom.  Fitness nerd.  

And this is my dog, Zeva.   (Not shown: embarrassed kids and husband)



For most of my adult life, I've been a fit pro.  

Yup, that's right. For 17 years I've made a living wearing yoga pants and making people do pushups (what a rough life)

These days I've traded in the yoga pants for sweatpants  and I help coaches, course creators and heart-centered entrepreneurs grow and scale their online businesses with Facebook Ads. 

My goal? I basically want to help you to improve their marketing and generate more sales without losing your friggin' sanity.  I am THE resource for simple, no-bullshit online marketing.   


Fit Pro to Marketing Geek

About 3 years ago, online marketing hit my radar when I started listening to a podcast by Amy Porterfield while I was out on a run.  What she said captivated me. It also led me down a rabbit hole. I couldn't get my hands on enough information about Facebook ads, email marketing, sales funnels, pixels and all that super fun stuff (that you're probably rolling your eyes at right now). I know it might not sound exciting to you. But it's sexy as hell to me. 


My Life...

When I'm not blogging, writing or creating irresistible tips for you, I can be found making a mess trying to recreate something I found on Pinterest. No, really. I love to DIY...anything!  I have two little girls, ages 12 and 9, that I love to make things for (and who I think might be sitting on the very cusp of outgrowing their appreciation for those said things).   Quilting and carpentry are my two crafty obsessions.  Blogging and marketing are quickly becoming my new fave.  And I'm pretty sure my husband (Mr. OCD) is thankful I've taken up this much less messy hobby.


If you're dying to know more, here are 5 things you don't know about me...

1. Salted caramel is my weakness.

2. I love to travel, but I hate flying. Hate. Hate.

3. This year I cut sugar out of my diet for 21 days. I lasted 1.5 days when I tried to cut out coffee.

4. My favorite color is gray. Exciting, I know.

5. I heart country music. Is there any other kind??!


Let's Connect!

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And, of course, dream with me of all the lovely things I'll someday make with ideas on my Pinterest boards here.  Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?